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The Best Waterfalls in NH Near Our Bed and Breakfast

the best waterfalls in NH

the best waterfalls in NH

The waterfalls in NH include a wide array of stunning features from towering cascades found deep in the forest to short hikes near a road. Rivers and streams crisscross the state over mountainous terrain and the result is more than 100 waterfalls that breathtakingly dot the landscape in the craggy hills and valleys of the region. Many waterfalls are located in less than a hour’s drive from our New Hampshire bed and breakfast while others a bit farther up in the beautiful White Mountain National Forest.

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the best waterfalls in NH

The Best Waterfalls in NH

The beautiful waterfalls in NH have lured travelers since the early 1800s. Exploring these natural wonders is a favorite perennial summer activity for many locals. This intriguing natural feature is a fun surprise on a hike and a great memory to capture with photography. Heading out for the day to seek out waterfalls in NH is sure to be a highlight of your time spent on vacation. Go on a fun daytrip to these and more beautiful sites along the way. Here are our 10 favorite waterfalls to visit this summer!

  1. Sabbaday Falls is one of the more popular waterfalls in NH and is a stop along the Kancamagus Highway. These scenic 3-story falls drop 45 feet in total. The trail is easy going and very accessible with informational signs along the way that teach you about the fascinating geology of the falls.
  2. Welton Falls is a 3.8 mile moderate loop with a small waterfall in an impressive gorge. The hike follows along a pretty stream and features the Appalachian Mountain Club’s Cardigan Lodge.
  3. Beede Falls is unique for waterfalls in NH! Water from the Bearcamp River slides down a long sloped rock with a small drop at the end and a large pool underneath. This local treasure is hidden down a dirt road but when the trail is found is an accessible waterfall to check out.
  4. Not to be confused with Beede Falls, the Beebe River Falls/Campton Falls is just 50 feet from the road. One of the more powerful waterfalls in NH, the falls thunder down just 15 feet. The stream from which the falls come from tend to have good water flow.
  5. The Sharon Brook Walk is a scenic hike along a stream that will take you past 7 waterfalls and cascades. One of which is the Fall of Song , a 40-foot picturesque waterfall. This trail a part of the larger trail system of the Castle in the Clouds Conservation Area.
  6. Diana’s Baths are a series of small waterfalls in NH measuring 75 feet in total height. This must-see place is great for exploring cascades, rocks, ledges, and pools that make up the area. The hike to the falls is an easy 1.3 mile out and back trail.
  7. At the southern end of Crawford Notch State Park is what is regarded as one of the best waterfalls in NH. Arethusea Falls is a classic waterfall that cascades over a granite cliff and is often referred to as the tallest in New Hampshire.
  8. In Franconia Notch State Park there is one of the most well known waterfalls in NH. The Falls on the Flume-Pool Loop includes several waterfalls as you hike through a stunning gorge with moss covered walls. A highlight here is Avalanche Falls, a 45-foot roaring waterfall.
  9. If you are still in Crawford Notch State Park you can also check out Ripley Falls, a picturesque 100-foot wall of water that flows over a smooth rock face. This is one of the more steeply angled slide waterfalls in NH and New England. The 1.1 mile out and back trail is a moderate walk.
  10. One of the most photographed waterfalls in the White Mountain National Forest is Bridal Veil Falls. The trail is an easy 5 miles out and back and features an ‘island’ at the end  of the trail where you can sit on the rocks and view the falls.

the best waterfalls in NH

The Perfect Lakes Region Lodging

After a day of exploring the magnificent waterfalls in NH you’ll have peace of mind knowing you are coming back to a quiet, cozy, comfortable, and beautiful place to unwind at the end of the day. Our New Hampshire bed and breakfast is set up with your ultimate comfort in mind. A relaxing stay at our idyllic inn is just what you need after a long winter. In your casual yet elegant guest room you’ll get a great nights sleep on your bed fitted with plush linens.

Other amenities in your room may include sitting areas to relax in, great views out your window, en suite bath, and more. Choose the best room to suit your needs for the best possible vacation. If you want the ideal place for a New Hampshire getaway this season, book your stay with us today!

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