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10 Waterfall Hikes in the Lakes Region

Arethusa Falls, one of the most popular waterfalls in New Hampshire

There is no better way to cool off this summer than a hike to a refreshing waterfall. In the scenic Lakes Region of New Hampshire hiking is a way of life. In fact our many national and state parks offer waterfall trails for expert and casual hikers. Here are a few suggestions to help you plan your summer adventures hiking to these shimmering waterfalls. After a day on the trails, come stay at our lovely Bed and Breakfast at our serene lakeside location.

10 Beautiful Waterfall Hikes

White Mountain National Forest is just over an hour’s drive from our location. Here you can choose from countless hikes with breathtaking views and plenty that include a variety of dazzling waterfalls. Below are a few at this national park:

  • Arethusa Falls –  This moderately difficult hike is 3.2 miles roundtrip. It starts steep and rocky and remains so all the way up. Through a stand of Spruce trees you will hear the rushing water and get a peek of the falls. The spectacular, 160-foot tall horsetail-style falls are a must-see.Diana's Baths Waterfall, a refreshing waterfall hike in New Hampshire
  • Diana’s Bath – This easy mile long hike is good for all ages and pets are welcome too. The base of the falls has many pools and small plunges, and is great for a summer swim. After a dip, look for a side trail that will take you to the remains of an old sawmill.
  • Champney Falls – This 3.5 miles trail roundtrip has an easy start that becomes more difficult as it nears the top of the falls. You’ll be rewarded with the stunning 70-foot tall falls that is named for artist Benjamin Champney, famous for painting White Mountain landscapes.
  • Glen Ellis Falls – This easy trail leads you to the base of a beautiful 64-foot plunge falls. The fine spray will cool you off, and the deep green pool is temping. Unfortunately, there is no swimming allowed.
  • Sabbaday Falls – This is one of the best falls in NH.
    Sabbaday Falls, a refreshing waterfall hike in New HampshireAn easy 0.3 mile hike will bring you to this complex waterfall that has three distinct parts; a punchbowl at the top, that flows into a circular pool and finally plunges 22 feet to the bottom. The lower pool of crystal clear water is inviting but swimming is not permitted.
  • Lower Falls –  After a long day of hiking, cool off swimming at the base of these 10-foot falls. It’s just a short path to the refreshing pools of this cascading waterfall, and the perfect place to enjoy a picnic lunch and convenient restrooms. Also, to avoid the summer crowds plan a weekday visit.

There are also waterfall hikes less than an hour’s drive from our doorstep. Many of these locations have other attractions worth a look. So, plan a lovely day around any of these hikes:

  • Welton Falls – This is a 3 mile moderately difficult hike to the 15-foot plunge falls where swimming is permitted. If you’re feeling ambitious, pick up the trail to hike Mt. Cardigan.
  • Sculptured Rocks Natural Area –  An easy hike leads to these charming, smaller falls, but it’s the gorge carved from the rock that is spectacular. It is a true geological wonder.
  • Beede Falls – Located in Sandwich Notch Park, this easy to moderate hike is only 0.6 mile round trip with two falls. The main falls (at 35 feet) has a large 50 foot-wide pool, and is perfect for swimming. Also leave time to explore the lower falls where you will find Cow Cave.
  • Fall of Song – This is an easy 0.2 mile hike to a 40-foot plunge type waterfall, and it is part of Castle in the Clouds Conservation Area. After admiring the falls, continue hiking on the 0.8 mile Brook Walk to see four additional waterfalls.

This is only a short list of the enchanting waterfalls found in our area. So, Book your stay at our charming Bed and Breakfast and spend your summer vacation exploring all that the New Hampshire Lakes Region has to offer.

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