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Maple Syrup and Tapping Trees

Maple Syrup Production in New Hampshire

Though it’s nearing the end of sugaring season in New Hampshire’s Lakes Region, we’d like to shed some light on the production of maple syrup.  Even though sap from local trees is only collected from Mid-February through Mid-April, we can thankfully enjoy the delicious fruits of our labor all year round.  New Hampshire takes pride in it’s syrup production, as it should. It’s a sure sign of spring!  As the seasons come to a change, sap starts to rise in the maple trees around New Hampshire, and the trees are tapped in anticipation of the big harvest.  Look carefully, and you can still spot the tree taps around the state.  Book your room at our New Hampshire Bed and Breakfast today, and come visit a maple sugar house or two along the way.  

Maple Syrup in New Hampshire

Maple Syrup Production in the Lakes Region of New HampshireIf you’d like to see the process behind making maple syrup up close, we recommend visiting one of our local maple sugar houses. You can join in on the fun at Prescott Farm in Laconia, but hurry; time’s almost up!  The 21th Annual Maple Weekend will take place on March 25 – 26, 2017.  If you miss the activities there, there are still 50 maple houses that will be celebrating Maple Month into the early days of April with open houses.  It’s a great time to sample fresh maple syrup, and buy a range of maple-enhanced products to take home with you.  Here are just a few sugar houses you can visit if you hurry to the Lakes Region:

The creation of this delicious maple concoction is a centuries-old tradition. One taste of this delicious amber liquid, and you’ll know why people clammer for their very own products to use at home.  The next time you’re at the Lake House at Ferry Point, take special note of our maple syrup.  We like to use local ingredients whenever possible, which is why we get our rich, extra dark amber syrup from Just Maple sugar house right down the road. Come join us for a beautiful spring in New Hampshire’s Lakes Region, where you can enjoy watching Mother Nature reemerge from her long winter hibernation from the shores of peaceful Lake Winnisquam.  Book your stay with us today,

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